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Published on: September 4, 2011

Today is of course Father’s Day and for a good number of Australian’s, today is a happy day.

Dad’s all around the country will have their rug-rats on the bed with awkwardly wrapped presents and more socks and jocks than you can poke a stick at. That’s the way we like to think about today – a happy day filled with an appreciation for our Dad. There’s breakfast in bed and images of Dad being given back the remote control for the day so he can kick back and watch TV. The teenage son has given up his sleep-in so he can mow the lawn for Dad today. Yeah…it’s all wonderful as long as that family unit stays in one piece.

I am sorry to be the kill-joy here but I feel it’s so important to recognise that today is a very tough day for many Australians.

Some will have to rely on special memories to pay tribute to their fathers. That means that on a day like today, for some the sadness and pain so safely buried away will come simmering to the surface yet again for acknowledgement.

Then there are the Dad’s out there who are finding today near impossible to think about. Sometimes Fatherhood can be a really tough gig. Faced with the trauma of the death of one of his own, there’s few words that accurately describe what that does to a Dad. So many of them don’t talk about it much but I’d put any amount of money on that being the one constant on their minds. Time doesn’t really heal those wounds. Time just teaches the mind how to adjust – to get accustomed to the pain.

So from us here at VOID – to all Fathers, the new and the old-hats, we wish you all a Happy Father’s Day.

And of course, to those Dads who are finding today difficult, we can only hope that you find a little peace in your day.

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