You might recognise this image from the building site from this News item on September 9th 2011.

As we advised on back then by way of comment, SafeWork SA had paid a visit to this construction site and the situation appeared to have been remedied quite quickly. Well, now we don’t actually know for sure whether SafeWork SA did attend the site or not. We really make more of an assumption on that but we that’s what happened and why the trestles were taken down.

Hey look, here’s hoping these chaps have a good understanding of the kind of damage a fall from heights can do to the human body. Here’s hoping there’s something inside that roof cavity that will break a fall because sure as hell there’s no safety harness in sight – nor a hard hat for that matter…

Actually it’s a little ironic that right across the road from here today there was a rather awkward incident where 2 somewhat hefty shipping containers found themselves somewhere they shouldn’t be.

Okay, so it’s safe to assume that SafeWork SA will be heading that way anyway to investigate the unfortunate shipping container incident. I wonder if they’d mind very much popping their noses in over the road to put us at ease over fall protection. Just in case…better safe than sorry.

Oh and yes – we did contact SafeWork SA regarding this matter before posting the content here.

  1. Admin:AM says:

    We are told that once again SafeWork SA has attended this building site. Unfortunately, the ability to clarify or to verify what, if any actions were taken, are all safely cloaked in a Confidentiality clause in the OHS&W Act.

  2. Theresa Curley says:

    Its the ‘she’ll be right’ mentality together with the complacent attitude that is ingrained in the male psyche. Those guys have an understanding of what could happen, they just don’t think it will happen to them, I bet they would not allow there sons up there like that. Young or inexperienced workers don’t have a chance no matter how many fines or restrictions or court cases heard. That sort of practice is handed down from dodgy supervisor to labourer or trainee and so on. WHS and the enforcement of it is in a bubble with their hands securely tied behind their back by a riduculous workload. For every picture of a guy up on a roof with no safety gear there is probably thousands that will never be seen in a picture.What are they doing before it happens, not after, it’s too late for after. Harsher, quicker, more direct, make the rules apply to everyone. Target the complacency or laziness or the ‘I don’t need that stuff’ attitude. The wives, kids, mothers, sisters and so on dont care about how brave you are to be up there with no safety gear, they all think you are an idiot. Don’t hand out licences to people who can’t prove they know how to do the right thing.

    • Admin:AM says:

      Words of wisdom there.

      I sat at a BBQ the other week and listened to people talk about work health safety laws and how over the top they have all become. Maybe they’re right but I can’t help but think if there were more safety precautions taken then perhaps there’s be less people hurt – and of course fewer laws too.

      Most frustrating is the lack of enforcement of the current laws. Nothing wrong with our current laws, just wish there was more done to make sure people realise they are actually law and not just a ‘please do’ exercise.

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