We reckon the gusty winds brought a few people undone today. It certainly appears that there were a few hairy moments out there today.

Was it the wind?

Maybe that depends which way it was blowing but at any rate, it just goes to show how easily things can go horribly wrong.

I’m thinking of the poor bloke that was operating the machine that was stacking these babies. I’m trying to imagine the colour of his face when they toppled over.

Hey here’s the good news. The containers didn’t roll out into the road into oncoming traffic. There was no one wondering up the road at the time. A perfect opportunity to learn and plan.

Next time could be a different outcome with a tragic consequence.



Now I’m not sure…

Is that a footpath, a car park or is it a workshop?

Is it legal or is it okay? See, the way we see it, these things shouldn’t need to be written into complicated legislation.

This kind of hazard is not that hard to see if we could just get people to tune into that little thing in the back of their neck that makes them break out into a cold sweat. If we could do that, they’d see the danger too.

It’s all too late when someone, a child for example, walks into an open work zone and touches a lever or does something unintended and we have a human being crushed between a scissor hoist. Remember that little girl that died tragically in not completely dissimilar circumstances?

Unforseen tragedies are not unforseen when we have a history to learn from. The message just isn’t getting through.

Barriers – barriers … make the public go around – don’t assume they will! Do something – anything is better than nothing.

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  1. Admin:AM says:

    UPDATE: In relation to the shipping containers that fell over the fence in the first photograph — I have received a call from SafeWork SA today to advise that the department has attended the work site and the matter has been looked at.

    I know due to the OHS&W Act that SafeWork SA is not allowed to tell us what steps were taken or how specifically the department had dealt with the matter but … we know they have. Either way, someone is maybe now a little wiser … 🙂

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