I know in my own personal travels from within VOID and since my own son’s death, I’ve lost count of the number of times people have commented on how ‘strong’ we Mothers and Fathers are who have dealt with our collective grief and gone on to fight systems.

It’s rather odd because being strong is probably the last thing that you’re feeling. Certainly in the case of a younger worker, one where there’s not been much time between school and work – guilt is probably a far more powerful driving force than anything resembling courage or strength.

Any parent who goes through grief deserves to be recognised as having endured something very unnatural and very painful. It’s funny though isn’t it. These people have no problem recognising the strength and courage in others … but they don’t often see it in themselves.

Karen Hudson is one such woman. Her son Matty was just 16 when he was killed at the ‘Blue Ribbon’ site while on a forklift in Tasmania on July 12th 2004.

The truth of the matter is, had it not been for Karen and Guy Hudson, Matthew’s parents, there would very likely not have been a review of the original fine imposed (which was so miniscule it does not deserve to be repeated). Matty’s parents were relentless and at great personal and financial cost they pushed and pushed – they continue to push and push because still they believe that there are responsible parties that have not been held accountable for Matty’s death.

I have to wonder when will people like Karen Hudson be entitled to feel a little peace surrounding their dead loved one? Justice is not just a word. Justice is oxygen. Justice is peace within. Karen Hudson should feel proud but … well this is what she had to say about her experience in dealing with the death of her son – a workplace death.

“Sadly that (proud) isn’t how I feel Andrea.” She adds, “There are days when I punish myself mentally to the point of exhaustion.”

“I guess Guy and I will always feel like failures as parents because we couldn’t get Matty “JUSTICE”. In my heart I know that there was more we could have done even though it would get us nowhere. I guess when you have to choose between the ones you love and fighting for a cause, you soon run out of steam even if your conscience plays havoc on you for the rest of your life.”

“At the end of the day Andrea, Guy and the boys’ well-being was more important than my conscience eating away at me.”

“Behind the scenes and out of view of my family, I guess I still silently chisel away and hopefully give some strength to other families that will follow the same path. Just knowing what they will go through mentally, physically and financially chews me up inside. Worse than that is having your belief system ripped away from the very part of “what makes you, YOU!”

“It’s pretty hard to move on in life when you no longer believe in the very system that you thought kept you safe, and offered “JUSTICE” to those that have committed no crime.”

“Parenting is the hardest job in the universe and yet I gave up a great career in the army to marry and have a family. I settled for a low income as I wanted to raise my children and not some child-care centre. We went without the finer things in life to give our children more quality time, more love and full attention.”

“Even today, I would not have changed a second of my choice to be a stay at home mum. My heart tells me I did my job as a mother to the best of my ability and I look back and wouldn’t change a thing. Yet I look at those highly paid people that call themselves Politicians and wonder now what they actually do for their money?”

“Dig deep! nothing is ever fixed, Laws are only ever amended…but with that amendment, always a loophole for the smart lawyer is added.”

“Take the emotions out of the picture and you really will see a game of chess in front of your very eyes. They are not separate parties but one of a kind manipulating the public into believing that their vote put their chosen party in power. Read a few court transcripts or sit in court day after day and you will soon see that your Lawyer isn’t interested in who is guilty or innocent. Their ambition is to win that game of chess.”

“Evidence means nothing, it’s the best argument that wins! Damn reality is hard to live with!”

“You are a mother Andrea…and when I say Mother I mean it in the sense that you chose your child to be your universe. I see that as clear as day. A special breed…that intuitively knows the boundaries and balance it takes to raise their child in a well-rounded environment.”

“Our world revolves around them, our reward is their love, respect and the enjoyment of watching them become the adults that we help nurture, just the way it should be.”

“Then one day out of the blue, all that you created in your life is ripped away and torn in to pieces by a group of people that do not think the same way as you.”

“A wicked little game is happening behind the scenes that very few people are ever able to see (and probably don’t care too much about until they need to). It really isn’t until you need to utilise this deceitful system of justice, governments, powerful people and all they control, will you see the ugly truth behind it!”

Thanks so much for your thoughts Karen. It’s interesting isn’t it? We hear this all too often and yet so many of us are blissfully unaware of just how little our laws actually have to do with justice. They may appear to go hand in hand but mostly the justice system is designed to protect the accused. The focus appears to be firmly set on ensuring that never should a guilty man be convicted of a crime he did not commit.

Did justice get old and lazy or did it just become a politicians toil – so he can leave his mark on the world and pretend to earn his lifelong mammoth pension?

Did the justice system simply fail to keep up with the increasing smarts of the criminal and his lawyer or is it just that the sanction of law is so old and obstinate that it refuses to budge? Known rapists and murderers walk free because of a technical hitch or a legal loophole and the justice system balks, “…but we get it right most of the time.” Really? Well, technically speaking 51% of the time is ‘most’ of the time … yes it is – but it’s still deplorable.

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