The Parliamentary Select Committee On the Lonsdale-Based Adelaide Desalination Plant has been hearing evidence for many months now in relation to matters of the Desal plant.

Tuesday 15th November 2011 at 11.30am the committee will sit again. It’s not going to be easy for anyone to discredit or question the testimony of the brave man who will sit before the committee tomorrow. There will be evidence presented to shame all those who have argued that safety at the Adelaide Desalination Plant was a priority. He will not only tell his story but also show clear evidence just how bad it was.

Our focus here at VOID has always been on the safety issues and specifically those where a death has occurred. Our loyalty must always be with the families who are impacted by these deaths and who look to us for help.

Further, while on the topic of the committee, on May 31st 2011 VOID gave evidence in front of this committee. This was mostly in an attempt to clear up some anomalies in relation to the death of Allen O’Neil. The catalyst being the documents received by Allen O’Neil’s family through Freedom of Information.

Allen O’Neil was an employee of Adelaide Reinforcing Specialists and worked on the Adelaide Desalination Pipeline under the joint venture McConnell Dowell and Built Environs.

The overwhelming implication from these documents demonstrated to VOID and the O’Neil’s that we have a very different idea of the notion of ‘thorough’ and that SafeWork SA is a department that is unorganised and does not read its own files before going to the media.

We noticed SafeWork SA submitted an update to its original April submission adding another in August 2011 especially to comment on VOID’s submission.

So let us see where we are now …


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