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Published on: April 19, 2012

The link to this important story is here:

It is hard to imagine how an investigation and the subsequent determinations into a workplace death can be allowed to become so chaotic and perplexing.

I simply can’t fathom an instance where a Policeman would not blink an eye if the street where a car accident had caused a death did not match up with eye witness reports. If one said it happened at 10.00am and the driver said it happened at 4.30pm later – why would no one bother to look into this?

Why should it be left up to family members to dig into large cases and through the reams of paperwork to make sense of their loss? In this case, rather than making sense of those issues that remained unclear to this family (after a lengthy trial), there were even more questions raised and many more inconsistencies discovered.

We would like to extend a sincere thanks to Graham Archer and Today Tonight for running this story. Our hope will be that it achieves two important results. First of all, we can only hope that despite the correspondence thus far, that this matter will be looked at once again by the State Coroner. Secondly, we hope this story shines a little light on just what can go on inside an investigation into a workplace death. It’s difficult to imagine too many other examples of fatality investigations where the primary witnesses are almost always going to have a vested and economic conflict of interest with the entity that is being investigated.

Finally – a special mention to Lee and Carol Salvemini who have both shown so much strength and courage in their fight for the truth.

1 Comment
  1. It's me again says:

    The obfuscating garbage that keeps coming out of the regulators keeps getting more and more bizarre. And the more anyone takes them to task… the more they they deny, rebuke and punish the innocent.

    Damn all the unconscionable bastards to hell… they deserve an eternity of pain for their self serving lies and deceit.

    Lying, cheating and gutless scum that prey on hardworking honest folk.

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