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VOID LUNCH – DEC 11 2011

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Published on: December 5, 2011

VOID LUNCH SUNDAY DECEMBER 11th 2011 (12.00pm) GLANVILLE HOTEL 50 THE CAUSEWAY, GLANVILLE  SA So much of what has happened this year at VOID has been behind the scenes.  Plugging away through large boxes of files and documents, relating to an investigation of sorts.  Another workplace death.  Another matter where the circumstances are anything but[…]


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Published on: November 24, 2011

Asbestos Victims Memorial Ceremony   A Ceremony will be held for all asbestos victims and their families on Friday 25 November 2011 at 10.30am   The ceremony is to be held at Pitman Park, Salisbury   Relatives and friends of victims are invited to lay flowers in memory of loved ones at the conclusion of[…]


I know in my own personal travels from within VOID and since my own son’s death, I’ve lost count of the number of times people have commented on how ‘strong’ we Mothers and Fathers are who have dealt with our collective grief and gone on to fight systems. It’s rather odd because being strong is[…]


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Published on: September 4, 2011

Today is of course Father’s Day and for a good number of Australian’s, today is a happy day. Dad’s all around the country will have their rug-rats on the bed with awkwardly wrapped presents and more socks and jocks than you can poke a stick at. That’s the way we like to think about today[…]


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Published on: August 28, 2011

After many hours of fiddling and losing a good portion of my hair, I do finally have the updated VOID News charter up and running on our own server. The old WordPress hosted site will be deactivated in the near future.  If you had a permanent link set to that site, please change it to[…]


MEDIA RELEASE ~ 12th AUGUST 2011    SafeWork SA Inspection Practises 2011 (The Review by Mr Stewart-Crompton) The report released by Minister Wortley yesterday outlines recommendations made by Robin Stewart-Crompton and on the surface those recommendations do address some important concerns that were aired by the Coroner in February 2011. VOID has been asking for[…]

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